just me


Hello YOU!

I’m Audra… a wife, mom, daughter, textbook introvert, working-mom, perfectionist, writer, public speaker, lover of Jesus, garbage picker and an interior decorator. This year has been one of reflection for me and my family as we started a journey toward health. Health in our marriage, bodies, and our mindsets. And as I’ve sweated my arse off at the gym the last several months in an effort to smooth the dimply skin, it’s caused me to look inward and assess the “dimples” within.

And to be honest, I think my heart has a higher BMI than my outward frame.

Oh dear.

Most days you can find me working a 9-5, but dreaming to be home with my 3 littles and hunk of a husband who are all extraordinary human beings. On a daily basis my heart leaps out of my chest at the chance of RESCUING others by giving them HOPE and a chance (sometimes second chance) at RESTORATION and REDEMPTION.

I know in my heart that this life that’s been gifted to me is not just for me. My eyes and heart have been opened to the need, to the opportunities, to the lack…. to those around us who are CHEERING US ON, ENCOURAGING US to TAKE RISKS, to BELIEVE in ourselves.

They are giving us permission to make a mess.

A beautiful mess.

Take a step back and let real life trump a perfect life. Because beauty is found in the imperfectness of life. #realtrumpsperfect

And this life, I share with you.

Love, Audra

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