Izzy’s Room Reveal

Ok friends. Are you ready to see Izzy’s room?

We actually finished (ahem) her room a couple months ago, but #life. And when I say “finished”, I mean almost. 🙂

We still need to gut her closet, add a hanging rod for her clothes and new doors and we also need to figure out how we’re going to hang the window shutters. The original plan we had backfired because the hinges kept hitting the trim above the window. So… we’re figuring that out still.

But I didn’t want another day to go by without sharing the rest of the space with you. I mean, beauty is most often found in the unfinished and imperfect places, right?

When we started the upstairs remodel, we originally wanted to gut everything and totally change the layout because the rooms didn’t make sense and the bathrooms are small. But after much thought, we decided to take the cheaper route because this isn’t our forever house. So, just an update was the plan and that included:

  • flooring
  • paint
  • trim
  • doors
  • bathrooms

We also decided to switch Justus and Izzy’s rooms while we were at it. Izzy has a queen bed and still plays with larger toys. It made sense that she would get the bigger room. Her room also becomes the guest room when family & friends are in town- yet another reason why she needed the bigger room. (FYI- I will be sharing Justus’ room next week.)

Ok, the details.

I didn’t buy anything new for Izzy’s room. True to my nature, I wanted to see all her current stuff in the room before we added anything more. It can be VERY tempting to go credit card crazy, but sometimes it helps to be patient.

Hey, I’m learning!

Before I show you the room, here is the design board that I created to see everything together. It helps SO MUCH when creating a new space… especially if you’re buying new items and are constantly wondering if everything will “go together”.

(P.S. You can click on the design board to shop some of the items!)

Izzy's Room

And here’s how her room turned out! She is soooo happy with her new “light and airy” space that often times she shuts the door and paints and play for hours. I’d say this design project was a success!

**To shop some of the furniture or decor in the room, click on any picture.

  • Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams Pure White
  • Trim Paint: Sherwin Williams Bright White
  • Floor Paint: Benjamin Moore Tapestry Beige

Love, Audra

IMG_4282IMG_4276IMG_4273IMG_4269IMG_4268IMG_4263 2IMG_4260IMG_4258IMG_4255IMG_4254IMG_4253IMG_4250IMG_4248

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