Air BnB Sneak Peek & Home Decor

What FUN we had with this project!

For those who are just getting up to speed, I got you.

Audra Thurman Design has been busy designing, furnishing and remodeling THE cutest Air BnB in Walla Walla (located in eastern WA). Seriously- this property sits on 5 STUNNING acres and is fully equipped with rows and rows of vineyards (merlot grapes to be exact). The home didn’t need much except a little refresh, some updating and LOTS of furniture.

Cue this girl 🙂

I decided to post the blog entries backwards so you could see the finishing product NOW. But even better than that, you can shop most of the items in the house too! Just click on any of the pictures below and it will take you to my Like To Know It page where I’ve linked all the resources I could. If there’s something you want, or have a question about, leave a comment below and I’ll try and get you the link!

Happy shopping!










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