my top 10 thrifting list

If I had the option to shop at a retail store or a thrift store, hands down I’d choose a thrift store. It’s the rescue portion that thrills me.

There’s a mystery that envelopes me when I stroll through the aisles. The “not knowing” of what I might discover gets my heart a-racing.

(I now give you permission to roll your eyes.)


But seriously, I’ve been thrifting (and garbage picking) since I furnished my first apartment when I was living in Michigan at the ripe old age of 21. I think this lifestyle chose me, and I’m ok with that. I love that every piece has a story, and in sorts, I am rescuing them from their shelves of misery and giving them a new chance at life!

Too deep?

Mmmkkk, let’s move on.

There are certain items that I always look for when thrifting- thrift store absolutes if you will. I also apply this list for garage sales and garbage picking. Let’s dive in, shall we?

  • White dishes. Pitchers, platters, cake stands, bowls, little serving bowls…. If it’s white, I usually pick them up. I have acquired quite the collection, but we use all of them. And bonus: they are practical and decorative.





  •  Frames. Doesn’t matter the color- nothing a little spray paint can’t fix!




  • Wooden shtuff. Boxes, rolling pins, cutting boards, baskets…. I only decorate with these items- don’t trust that they’re clean enough to cook with. (yikes!)


  • IMG_9810


  • Glass jugs. If you buy these new, they are typically spendy little creatures. So if you find one, snag it up!
  • Candlesticks. I always look for the skinny brass ones. They remind me of an English cottage, and I love that.



  • Silver trays. Never pay more than a couple bucks for these. I hang these with plate hangers from Home Depot. A cheap project that doesn’t look cheap!



  • Urn shaped lamps. Very traditional in shape which translates to: goes with almost any decor style. They mostly come in a metal color, so if you’re not ok with that, pull out that trusty spray paint! (Choose white for a farmhouse-y look, black for a more modern look.)



  • Furniture. Specifically wooden chairs, dressers or night stands. It’s a bonus when you don’t have to paint or switch out the hardware!



  • Special, little items. I know, pretty vague. I always look for smaller items that are special. When decorating, balance is important. So don’t forget to scale it down and look for those smaller items!



  • And finally, clothing! I don’t always make it over to those aisles (mostly because it’s really overwhelming) but when I do, I always find great deals! I mostly look for name brand stuff (Nike, Adidas, Ann Taylor, Guess, Juicy, Zara, Coach, etc) because I know it was made well. I also look for novelty items such as hunting gear (I just bought Judah a hunting coat for $9!) Another tip is to Google the brand/item and find out more info on it. **I did that the other day when I walked past a beautiful men’s trench coat. I stopped to check it out and couldn’t believe how well it was made and how heavy it was (it had a zip out lining with burberry plaid). I wasn’t familiar with the brand, so I Googled it. It ended up being a famous family-owned business from Vienna, Austria whose garments likened Ralph Lauren. Needless to say, I snatched that bad boy up!!

Well, there you go! Hope this lists helps you as you thrift along! I would love to know what you’re finding out there! Post a picture of your items in the comments below or tag me on Instagram and I will rejoice in your rescue!!

Happy Thrifting!

Love, Audra



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