monday musings

20140707-111353-40433298.jpg What if…. I play this game all the time. What if….I didn’t have to work. What if….I had long, sculpted legs. What if….money wasn’t a stress. What if….I followed-through more and actually finished what I started. Interestingly, when I play the “what if” game, most of what I think about is negative. And before I know it, I’ve somersaulted myself into losing sight of what I’ve been blessed with and somehow “what if” myself into someone else’s life “knowing” everything will be better if my “what if’s” came true. Whew. EX-HAUS-TING. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to play this game anymore….or at least play it the way life taught it to me. Because it’s all relative, isn’t it. I wonder how many people are “what iffing” for things that I have been blessed with…. Three healthy children. A loving husband. Amazing family. A healthy body. A roof over my head. Food in my pantry. You get the idea. Well, I vote for new rules! Rules that allow me to “what if” myself into being thankful for what I have already been given. Rules that allow me to accomplish the dreams in my heart. Rules that whisper in my ear “YOU ARE BRAVE!” when I feel insecure. What if….I surrendered to the season I’m in. What if….I picked up my laptop and continued writing that book. What if….I extended forgiveness to those who have hurt me. Yep. I’m liking this game more and more. Are you seeing the difference here? The first version of the game made me look at myself and what I didn’t have. The second version turns my focus outward and produces somebody who gives back. Because we all know….in the deepest parts of our being….no matter where you’ve been or where you are….that our lives aren’t just for us. We all carry an insatiable desire to give back and help someone, anyone. We want our lives to matter on this earth. And the last time I checked, I ain’t helpin’ no one by holding a mirror in front of my face and picking out all the ugly. You know you do it too. Let’s be done with that. So done. Won’t you join me in upgrading your “What If” game? Would love to hear how it’s changed yours (and another’s) life! Love, Audra

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